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Luxury Reward Tiers

Our rewards program is categorized into three tiers. The more you shop, the more you'll enjoy the luxury treatment.

€0 - €1000
Luxury Princess

€1000 - €2000
Luxury Queen

Luxury VIP

Based on lifetime spend.

Luxury Reward Benefits

Redeemable vouchers
60-day exchanges and returns
€10 voucher when you refer a friend
Early access to sale and promos
Extra ways to spend points

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Ways To Spend Points

500 points

1000 points

1500 points

2000 points

2500 points
3000 points
FREE Luxury Storage Case & Hanger

6000 points
FREE Luxury Hoodie

9000 points
FREE Luxury Flat Iron Styler
10000 points
VIP ONLY - 5-in-1 Luxury Curler

Ways to Earn Points

+1,000 points

Refer a friend

+10 points / €1

Make a purchase

+500 points

Yay, Birthday Bonus!

+200 points

Write an email review

+100 points

Sign up to our mailing list

+100 points

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