Revive your hair

Revive your hair


How to revive your hair

You know that moment when your hair starts to get a little dirty and doesn’t look as great as the first day you styled it? But it’s also not wash day? This is the perfect hairstyle to do when you need to bring your hair back to life.

What you’ll need for this tutorial are:

- Luxury Curler 5-in-1 Curling Wand
- A hair brush
- Hair clips

For this hair tutorial we’re going to be using the curling wand attachment that has a clamp. The five attachments are super easy to switch up.

STEP 1 & 2. We always want to start off our looks by brushing out the hair. It’s much easier to style hair when there are no knots. Next you will begin to section off the hair. Use a hair clip to keep the top part away from the sections you’re curling at the moment. We will be working from the bottom up, with sections about 1 inch in width.

STEP 3. Using the clamp to secure the hair, start curling the hair away from the face. This curling wand is powerful. All you’ll need is a few seconds before undoing the clamp. Once the hair is released you will be left with a perfect curl.

STEP 4. After you curl a piece, just throw it to the back and continue with the next hair piece. You will be repeating these steps over and over until your entire head has been curled.

STEP 5. Once you reach the end, your curls would have had plenty of time to cool off. Take your brush and start brushing the hair out. Brush your hair, starting at the ends and working your way up.

You now have perfectly, bouncy hair.


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