Low Pony With A Side Part

Low Pony With A Side Part


Ariana Grande Inspired Hair: Low Pony With A Side Part


Today we are tackling Ariana Grande’s iconic low ponytail with a side part. The pop star is known for rocking perfect ponys and today we’re doing our take on it.

To begin, make sure you have the following on hand:

  • - Your own set of Luxury for Princess Ponytail extension. We’re using the 170g set, 26 inches in the color #1b
  • - A comb that will help you part your hair
  • - Hairspray
  • - A hair tie
  • - Bobby pin

As always, brush your own hair out, as well as the Princess Ponytail. Doing so will make the styling process much quicker. Now take your comb and part your hair to the side.

You can choose which side you want to the part to be on. Gather the remainder of your hair into a low pony using a hair tie.


Next, take the Princess Ponytail extensions and clip directly onto your low pony.

Wrap the velcro piece around the top to secure the extension in place.

Spray hairspray all over to help take any flyaways. This will also help your hairstyle stay in place much longer.

You can also spray hairspray directly onto your brush or comb and proceed with brushing the hair out.

Pin the side part behind your ear using a bobby pin.

You now have your perfect side part ponytail. It’s no wonder Ariana Grande wears her hair in a ponytail so often — these are simple to do and will look amazing on everyone!


We'd love to know what you think of this hairstyle. Be sure to share your hairstyle recreations and tag @luxuryforprincess on Instagram.