How to clip in the Princess Ponytail

How to clip in the Princess Ponytail


How to clip in the Princess Ponytail

The Luxury for Princess ponytail extensions are perfect to add thickness to length to a regular ponytail.

The Ponytail is an easy classic look and with the Princess Ponytail you'll have the perfect ponytail in minutes! (Plus you can disguise dirty hair.)

For this look you will need:

  • The Princess ponytail ( 100g or 170g )
  • A hair tie
  • Bobbypins


STEP 1. Start by brushing your hair and yolur ponytail to get rid of any tangles. 


STEP 2. Put your hair up in a ponytail. If you want extra volume or don't want your hair to show beneath the ponytail, we reccomend putting the hair up in a bun.


STEP 3. Start placing the ponytail. Place the comb directly under the hairtie at the top of your ponytail or bun.

STEP 4. Wrap the hair piece around the ponytail base to cover up the elastic and the velcro.


STEP 5. Use some bobbypins to pin the hair in place underneath the ponytail


STEP 6. Brush the ponytail to remove any left over tangles and your perfect ponytail is done!



We'd love to know what you think of this hairstyle. Be sure to share your hairstyle recreations and tag @luxuryforprincess on Instagram.