Hair Extensions

  1. Hair Extensions

    How to clip in the Princess Ponytail

    The Luxury for Princess ponytail extensions are perfect to add thickness to length to a regular ponytail. The Ponytail is an easy classic look and with the Princess Ponytail y...
  2. Hair Extensions

    5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions are an investment and if you take care of the hair, they will last you an incredibly long time. If you’ve ever used Luxury For Princess hair extensions then ...
  3. Hair Extensions

    Seamless 180g 20" Review

    Luxury For Princess is known for their high quality hair extensions and they have once again blown as away. LFP has launched a new set of hair extensions called Seamless Colle...
  4. Hair Extensions

    Blend Balayage Extensions

    We’re going to share some tips on how to blend your new balayage highlighted extensions with your natural hair

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