Luxury For Princess Ponytail 170G 26"

Luxury For Princess Ponytail 170G 26


Luxury For Princess Ponytail 170G 26"


Luxury For Princess has been dedicated to bringing you the best hair accessories and quality. Their newest hair accessory is the Princess Ponytail hair extension in 26 inches.


If you’re ready to transform your hair then look no further. The newest Princess Ponytail is exquisite. The hair is incredibly soft and at 170 grams - it’s also pretty thick. The best part is that the hair is thick through and through - from the top to the end of the ponytail. You’ll notice that your new extensions arrive in a pretty little box, like the perfect gift to yourself.


The pony has a single clip that will be used to sit securely on your own hair. It also has a velcro strip that you can wrap around to apply the ponytail discretely.


The great part of adding the Princess Ponytail to your collection of extensions is that it will allow you to create many different looks. From a casual ponytail day to a more elegant up-do - the are many possibilities.


I wanted to try out the ponytail extensions by doing an easy, basic ponytail look. I tied my hair back with a hair tie, brushed out the ponytail extensions and proceeded to apply. What you’ll want to do it clip the ponytail onto your own hair. Then secure it by wrapping the velcro part tightly around the ponytail. 


That’s it — that’s how easy this extension is to use! Have fun playing around with the Princess Ponytail!


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