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  1. Hair Styles

    Revive your hair

    You know that moment when your hair starts to get a little dirty and doesn’t look as great as the first day you styled it? But it’s also not wash day? This is the perfect ...
  2. Hair Styles

    Perfect Beach Waves

    Today we are back with another, fun hair tutorial. For this tutorial you will need: - hair brush - hair clip - Luxury waver - Luxury for princess hair extensions (if you...
  3. Hair Extensions

    5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions are an investment and if you take care of the hair, they will last you an incredibly long time. If you’ve ever used Luxury For Princess hair extensions then ...
  4. Video Tutorials

    Two Buns Hair Tutorial

    There’s nothing better than being able to take dirty hair and making it work for another day before wash day. If your hair is getting a little greasy or you simply want to t...

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