What are clip-in hair extensions?

The use of clip-in hair extensions is a quick way to extend your hair and/or to provide volume. Each clip has a non- slip, silicone coating that secure your extensions comfortably, and prevent slipping. Clip-in hair extensions are applied quickly and easily without damaging your own hair. You want to achieve the look you have always dreamed of, and clip in extensions are becoming more popular with each day. We have finally found the perfect solution to longer hair, without the other harsh methods of hair extensions.

What is the difference between 120 gram, 160 graM, 220 gram AND 260 GRAM extensions?

The only difference is the weight. All sets are made of the same quality hair. If your hair is fine or you would like to add some length, then our Princess Hair Set (120 gram) should be sufficient for you. If your hair is medium, then our Princess Deluxe Set (160 gram) would be perfect for more length and volume. Our Princess Deluxe Hair set is also suitable for fine hair, for extra more volume! When you don't know which set is the best for you, we recommend to choose our Princess Deluxe Set (220 gram). The 220 grams set is perfect for the extra volume and thickness and is suitable for all hair types. The 260 grams set is our biggest set and is perfect for thicker hair types or if you are looking for maximum volume and amount of hair. If you have thick hair, we always recommend purchasing the 260g 22” set , 280g 24” set or 320g 22” set as it will blend the most naturally.

What is Remy Human Hair?

Remy Human Hair is the highest grade of real human hair used for hair extensions. The cuticles of Remy Human Hair are kept intact and not stripped. This ensures that the hair remains super soft and tangled free.

What is the difference between synthetic and human hair extensions?

The difference between synthethic and human hair extensions is that human hair extensions are made of real human hair. Hair extensions made of real human hair can be dyed, curled or straigtened, just like your own hair.

Are clip-in hair extensions harmfull for my own hair?

No. The clips contain a silicone strip so your hair is protected. If you put the clip ins correctly, your hair can not be damaged.

How long do Luxury for Princess extensions last?

The durability of a set clip-in hair extensions is normally 6 to 12 months. Of course it depends strongly on the personal care of the clip-in hair extensions. An important factor in expanding the lifespan of your extensions is by deep conditioning them. If you wear the extensions often (3/4 times a week), you can deep conditioning them once a week. It is also possible to deep conditioning them overnight with a small amount of Argan Oil.

How long does my hair need to be to wear clip-in hair extensions?

We recommend to use clip-in hair extensions when your hair is at least 6 inches long. When your hair is less then 6 inches, the transition of your own hair to the clip-in hair extensions course will not be natural.

I don't know what color matches with my own hair. Is it possible to send you a picture?

Yes, it is possible to send us an email with pictures of your own hair color. Please send us some pictures of  your hair color, taken in natural daylight. We will see what kind of color suits best for you. You can e-mail us at info@luxuryforprincess.com. It is also possible to borrow our color ring, see the hair extensions accessoiries.

USAGE AND CArE OF luxury for princess hair EXTENSIONS

How long does it take to put in clip in hair extensions?

Luxury For Princess clip-in hair extensions take less than 5 minutes to apply and only 60 seconds to take out. Luxury For Princess clip-in hair extensions are super easy to use and are the quickest and easiest way to transform your look in a matter of minutes. The difference will be phenomenal!

How do you put in clip-in hair extensions?

On this page you can see how to put in our clip-in hair extensions, click here.

Can I dye, curl, straighten and style the clip-in hair extensions?

Yes, it is possible to dye, curl, straigthen and style the clip-in hair extensions. To ensure the quality of the clip-in hair extensions, we recommend to use a heat protector spray or a serum before using the curling iron or straightener.

Can I bleach the clip-in hair extensions?

We do not recommend to bleach your extensions. Bleaching is a very damaging process and changes the quality of the clip-in hair extensions, also the color result will be very unpredictable.

Can I swim with the clip-in hair extensions?

We do not recommend to wear your clip-in hair extensions while swimming, as it will tangle and damage the extensions.

Can I sleep with the clip-in hair extensions?

No, we do not recommend to sleep with the clip-in hair extensions, in order to avoid tangles for your own hair and the clip-in hair extensions.

What products can be used for the clip-in hair extensions?

You can treat your clip-in hair extensions just like your own hair. To ensure the quality of the clip-in hair extensions, we recommend to wash your clip-in hair extensions with an shampoo and leave-in conditioner (shampoo and leave-in conditioner that contains no alcohol or silicons) and once in a while to provide your clip-in hair extensions with a hair mask. We recommend to wash your clip-in hair extensions once every two or three weeks. It is also important to use a heat protector spray or serum before using an curling iron or a straightener.

HOW DO I WASH THE clip-in hair extensions?

It is important taking care of the clip-in hair extensions, this will prolong the life of the hair extensions. We will help you by washing the clip-in hair extensions with the following steps below!

1. Start with brushing and combing the clip-in hair extensions to remove from any tangles. You can use a soft bristle brush or an extensions brush.
2. Add lukewarm water to wet the hair.
3. Add a suitable amount of low PH moisturizing shampoo.
4. Wash the extensions from the top down while gently working the shampoo into the hair. Never rub the hair together while washing!
5. Rinse thoroughly with clean, lukewarm water.
6. Apply leave-in conditioner and leave in for five minutes (be sure not to add too much since this will cause buildup). 
7. Genlty squeeze the excess water out of the hair and wrap them in a towel.
8. Carefully comb through the extensions and allow them to air dry.

What's the best way to store the clip-in hair extensions?

Our clip-in hair extensions should be stored in a flat position in a plastic bag or box and away from direct sunlight. You can store your clip-in hair extensions on a shelf in the closet or in a drawer.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept the following forms of payment:

- Bank transfer
- PayPal (also creditcard, no account required)
- Credit card (Visa and Mastercard)
- iDeal (Dutch customers)
- Bancontact/MisterCash (Belgian customers)
- SOFORT Banking

If you pay by bank transfer, please complete the payment within 5 business days. If we haven't receive your payment within 5 business days, we are unfortunately forced to cancel your order.

My payment won't get through?

Please, try using a different browser. If this doesn't help, feel free to contact us at info@luxuryforprincess.com.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship worldwide! Please note any customers receiving an order outside of Europe MAY have to pay duty fees, customs or taxes. Some countries have slower shipping times then the suggested 2-10 business days, which is out of our control.

How long does shipping take?

Please check our "Shipping & Delivery" page.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, it is possible to cancel your order. Please contact us at info@luxuryforprincess.com. If your order is already processing or has been shipped, we are no longer able to cancel your order. Additional costs (shipping charges, duties or other fees) that come with your order, charged by a third-party, will not be reimbursed.

What is your refund and exchange policy?

Please check our "Exchange and Refund Policy" page.